Top 5 questions we get asked???

Top 5 questions we get asked???

When your the new kid on the block people have question's so guess what people... I'VE GOT ANSWERS. My name is Nycole and I am the founder of Blac Rhino co. and I am gonna run through the top 5 most frequent questions I get asked.

#1 Blac Rhino, what is it? What does it mean?

 Blac Rhino is power, strength and resiliency. The “Black Rhino's” themselves are nearly extinct and at one time were thought to be completely gone, but they're are still around, despite being hunted for numerous reasons. So I felt like I could relate. But really anyone at some point in time can relate to being hunted, it’s just a matter of time but you just have to get back up.  Which is also how I came up with the name.

 Blac Rhino is, by any means necessary. Doing what needs to be done to survive and no matter how many times you get knocked down you get back up adjust and keep moving.  That persistence to push pass the impossible that’s the “Blac Rhino”, that is one of the main values I wanted to represent and not accept anything less.

#2 How would you classify Blac Rhino's style?

If I had to give Blac Rhino a style I would say it’s very minimalistic, when you are working with busy patterns or colors you sometimes are limited to what you can wear with it. In the same breath getting the colors to click up in the craziest way possible is crazy too. I want to produce something you kind of take on and make your own.

#3 What is different about Blac Rhino from other brands?

A few things comfort and quality, and versatility. All materials are made of high quality cottons very comfortable breathable, not like those hard heavy t-shirts. It feels good when you put it on you know. We defiantly are picky when it come to that and want the fit to be comfortable. We also wanted to make it where you could wear the clothing anywhere, at school, work, club just anywhere really.  I think you will start to really see Blac Rhino's style come through when we start show casing our statement and collaboration pieces... which are coming!!!  

#4 What made you get in to fashion?

My mom and brother I have to say. My oldest brother designed women’s clothes, he was always drawing new dresses and clothing patterns for women so I think he had the bug first, but when your the younger sibling you tend to pick up your older siblings ways. He passed away way before his time so we never got the chance to see his designs come to fruition but I know they would have been great. Growing up I was a huge tomboy, wearing boy’s clothes sagging, acting like a boy, I just thought they were so much cooler than girl’s lol. My mom couldn’t stand it but in the same token she is probably the biggest reason I am in to fashion now.  My mom could sew, she held part time jobs sewing and she was really good at it.  She would let me pick the clothing patterns and the materials and make me an outfit. It was a good compromise I guess to the sagging lol, but it allowed me to be myself and it was a style of my own.

I guess I still dress what society would still label as a tomboy but now it's considered street wear, and it’s always how I felt most comfortable.  

#5 Where would you like to see Blac Rhino in the next few years?

I would like to see us all over the world of course but not only be known for great quality pieces but also as a company that gives back, because what's success if you don't share the blessings. 


Have more questions leave a comment below we love to hear from you and know your thoughts...


  • KD

    I have purchased several Blac Rhino garments, and I am thoroughly pleased with the quality, along with the style. I am glad that there is finally a brand that represents my outlook on life. Looking forward to seeing this product line go global.

  • Antthatboy

    Someone told me about Blac Rhino and I saw this on IG but I did not know a women was behind it #thatsdifferent.✌?

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